The creative music process starts with a comfortable environment where all your tools are easily accessible. Our rooms have been built so that comfort and aesthetics don’t compromise sound quality.

Our rooms boast both the most cutting edge, current digital technologies in addition to the amazing sound quality and warmth of vintage analog electronics. Take some time to schedule a free tour by clicking here. Welcome to The Abstract LA, where your music is made.

Think Tank

The Abstract Control RoomOur main recording room is centered around the versatile, custom Neve Genesys G32. In addition to the control room, the Think Tank has a beautiful live room big enough to fit your entire band for a more live style of recording. Console preamps are the tried and true Neve 1073 with additional preamps available. The Neve’s onboard compression and EQ can be interchanged with outboard giving the room a wide range of sonic possibilities.

If its clean, and clear professional recording you want, we got you! If it’s a dirty, aggressive analog tape sound you want we got that too!

Outboard highlights include: Shadow Hills Mono Gama Pres, Eventide H7600, 1176LN, Moog The Ladder, API 512, and much more!

Click here for the Think Tank’s full gear list.

Lift Lounge

IMG_2142The Lift Lounge is every producer’s dream! Stacked with EVERY big soft synth and drum sequencer you can think of, in addition to analog synths including: Moog Voyager, Dave Smith’s Pro 2, Moog Minitaur, Nord Electro 4D, and Moog Slim Phatty, and many more.

The Lift Lounge is THE most affordable production/recording/writing room in Los Angeles! Whether looking for a pro writing room or creating songs on a budget the Lift Lounge has your back. Attached to the lounge is a tuned profession iso room large enough to track instruments as well as multiple singers.

Click here for the Lift Lounge’s full gear list.

Chop Shop

Looking to step it up from your bedroom, or track a quick vocal on clean preamps and a vintage mic? The Chop Shop IS the most affordable room in Los Angeles. What it lacks in outboard it makes up in digital plugins, ease of use, and affordability. Click here to schedule a free tour.

Click here for the Chop Shop’s full gear list.

The Abstract Team

Mark Einhorn, Producer/Composer/Song Writer
Jesse Rhodes, Head Engineer/ Producer/Song Writer
Dre Knight
Doug Boulware, V. P. of Operations/Producer/Engineer

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