Kayla Pulver - Love Ain't For Us

Kayla Pulver

Guys. Guys… Guys. We are so ecstatic to be able to congratulate our home girl Kayla Pulver on her very first release. She dropped “This Love Ain’t For Us” on YouTube, and OH lord! This girl absolute kills it. Her vocals gracefully glide between soft, sweet, and powerful on this emotional roller coaster of a record. The song was written by Ms. Pulver, produced by Mark Einhorn, and mixed by Doug “D Money” Boulware. We at The Abstract LA have been working with the Colorado native for about a year and, while we can’t disclose anything yet, we may have a few more tracks waiting in the wings. Or we may not. Stay tuned to find out.


Spoiler alert: You’re gonna wanna stay tuned. Because this girl is going places.


Twitter – @KaylaPulver

Instagram – @kaylapulversworld


Watch “This Love Ain’t For Us” on YouTube





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