Yeah, we see you Chris.
Looking all artsy and pensive.

These guys are an absolute riot. Founded in Istanbul, based in LA, the Levenbirds are a high energy indie rock outfit. They spent a day at The Abstract LA recording a live, in-studio EP. When we say “live”, we mean “live”. Four dudes in a room playing their music. No click. No punch-ins. It was an awesome Saturday. The vibe was great, the room sounded amazing, and the guys themselves were hilarious. Skeptical? Check out the video for their single “Mrs. Nonchalant and tell me you don’t want to be their new best friend. Follow them on social media for updates and when and where they’re playing live, as well as how to get their music.

Guys, if you’re reading this, we have one thing to say to you — Free couch. We’re waiting for it. We’re ready.


Instagram – @levenbirds

Twitter – @Levenbirds




Watch “Mrs. Nonchalant” on YouTube

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