It was a dream come true for some of the staff here at The Abstract LA. Indie game developers, Night School Studio came through to record some dialogue for their debut release, Oxenfree. The game is, according to co-founder/creative director, Adam Hines, “kind of like a cross between Poltergeist and Stand By Me”. For those too young to know either of those movies, it’s a mix between a ghost/possession horror, and a feel good coming of age story. It was released in January of this year and received glowing reviews from blogs everywhere. After playing the game ourselves, we highly recommend it. Oxenfree features the voice talents of Erin Yvette (The Wolf Among Us and Tales From The Borderlands), Gavin Hammon (The Wolf Among Us and The Walking Dead: The Game), Britanni Johnson (Borderlands and Borderlands 2), and more. The game is available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Microsoft Windows, and Mac OS.


Watch the Oxenfree trailer here.

Night School Studio – nightschoolstudio.com

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