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Lift Lounge!

Komplete Kontrol
Komplete Kontrol S Series

This week is a week of announcements. The first being the birth of our temporary production suite. While we have been putting all of our time and effort into getting The Abstract built, the fact that we have a backlog of work that needs to get done resurfaced. Every part of this crew was (and has been) working on different projects before the undertaking of this build. As much as we all love the thrill of bringing our little idea to fruition, we realized that we missed making music. Fortunately, all previous clients were aware that we were going to be down for a little while, and they were understanding. However, there is a reason every part of this crew got into this industry and we’re trying to get back to that. Thus, we bring you the temporary Lift Lounge.


The Abstract LA’s Lift Lounge will feature some awesome pieces of gear and software that any synth junkie will love (Doug). One of the highlights of that list being the Dave Smith Pro 2. If you’ve been following our social media at all, you’ll know how excited we are about it. “The Pro 2 is Dave Smith’s flagship mono synth, and as Dave himself puts it, his ‘most powerful mono synth ever.’” That quote was directly pulled off of the Dave Smith Instruments website. If that doesn’t sell you, we’ve also got the Native Instruments Komplete Kontrol S61, Maschine MK2 as well as the software bundle Komplete 10. Komplete 10 essentially includes every piece of Native Instruments software ever, making the Lift Lounge a production dream for music of any genre. We are excited.


Dave Smith Pro 2
Dave Smith Pro 2


In short, folks, we’ve got an awesome room coming that will allow us to continue to make music while The Abstract is being built. The Lift Lounge may not be the headliner we’re all dying to see hit the stage, but you will be more than pleasantly surprised with this opener, I assure you.

Komplete 10
Komplete 10


If this article made you as excited as we are, head over to our contact page to book some time. Or head over to our social medias and hit that follow button. Or both? Both. Stay tuned for more updates on The Abstract LA.


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