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The Abstract CrewThe Abstract LA has teamed up with the incredibly talented Maris Lidaka and Oliver Fitzgerald of Schema Media to bring you “The Abstract Live” – A docu-series following the inner workings of an up and coming recording and production studio influencing the Los Angeles entertainment scene. The series will be split into a few different categories: “Making Of”, tutorial videos, following the artists, and live sessions.


The first round of episodes chronicles the construction of the actual studio. Viewers will follow the Abstract crew while they navigate the ins and outs of building their dream studio, all while getting the story behind The Abstract Recording Studios. This will include some slow motion bits of walls getting broken, installation of some great gear, and interviews with the staff. This is where you will really get to know – and find yourself charmed by – the people who will be the core of the studio.



Tracking Vocals“We really wanted to give people an inside look into how music is really made. We’re hoping this series gets people excited about what we have going on, and builds fans of the studio as well as the amazing artists we’ll have coming through,” says V.P. of Operations, Doug Boulware.



Push PreviewBeyond these first few installments, The Abstract LA will begin releasing segments following certain artists. This part of the series will essentially give audiences the ability to hang out with an artist through the duration of their project, from conception to final mix.


Ladies and gentlemen, be excited. This idea of crossing visual content with music production is an intriguing one and will appeal to anyone with a taste for music of all genres. Stay tuned for more episodes. Subscribe to The Abstract’s YouTube page for live updates.


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