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The Abstract LA Floor Plan
The Abstract LA Floor Plan

Neve Genesys G32 Custom


The Abstract Recording Studios LLC is proud to present: The Abstract LA, a unique artist-centered, creative environment encompassing the best of both analog sound quality, and cutting-edge digital technology.





The creative music process starts with a comfortable environment where all your tools are easily accessible. Our rooms have been built so that comfort and aesthetics don’t compromise sound quality. Renowned acoustician Greg Berg took great care walking this fine line!


We designed our production rooms to cater to every producer and every DAW. The key sounds of your productions in our rooms come from our wide assortment of soft synths (incl. NI Komplete 10, U-HE Diva, Omnisphere, Sylenth, and many more), our various drum sequencing softwares (Battery, Ultrabeat, Rob Papen Punch, Slate Drums, and more), our various modulation & sampling tools (incl. iZotope Stutter Edit and Break Tweaker, NI Molekular, Eventide H7600, and more), and most-coveted: our analog synth collection (incl. Moog Voyager, Minitaur, Dave Smith Pro-2, and more).


Playing the many sounds of The Abstract LA couldn’t be simpler with our wide range of production hardware including NI Maschine MK2, NI Komplete Kontrol S49 & S61, and the Ableton Push, to name a few.


In the world of recorded audio, signal flow is key. Our 100% analog signal path provides an excellent starting point with your choice of microphones including U47 Clone, Manley Reference, multiple Neumann models, and many more. For preamps, our Neve Genesys G32 supplies the legendary Neve 1073 on 16 channels, in addition to having many other options including API, Shadow Hills, Retro, and much more. Your audio signal can be manipulated and refined with our many pieces of outboard gear, each carefully selected for its ability to effect, or better control your audio signal.





The Abstract LA is also equipped to handle all your post production audio needs. Our control room features 5.1 surround monitoring for full mixes. Our experienced sound editors have a plethora of audio libraries amounting to over two terabytes of both stock audio & field recording. Sound design is accomplished through various modulation/effect production tools. The Abstract LA partners with some of the best dialogue editors in the business. Your ADR needs can be replicated identically to your on-location sound as we have a Sennheiser 416 Shotgun and Omni Lavalier in our arsenal. Our staff producers/composers are credited television & film score composers. For you, The Abstract LA houses a vast catalog of all genres of music for your music supervisor’s sync needs.


The Abstract LA partners with several video production companies. Complete packages are available. Having video production available individually or as a package for our music clients is a key difference between The Abstract LA and competitors. We are dedicated to showcasing our artists and revealing the creative process through YouTube & Vimeo. New videos are posted on a bi-weekly to monthly basis. Be sure an tune in to our YouTube channel here.

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