Minimoog Voyager

Minimoog Voyager

“Hail Voyager, full of grace, blessed art thou among synthesizers…” I could stop this blog entry after that line and be okay with it. The Minimoog Voyager is aptly named as this bad boy will take you on one hell of a journey. It’s got 3 ultra-stable oscillators, 2 Moog Ladder Filters, 2 four-stage analog envelope generators, 800 onboard presets, and 100% analog signal path. The thing’s got more knobs and switches than a space ship. This synth has become a staple in our productions here at The Abstract LA. Every single sound that comes out of this beautiful piece of gear is absolutely amazing. And the bass. Oh, LORD, the bass. There is not one bass patch in the Voyager that has not made the entire room groan in ecstasy. Too much information? Sorry. But I have to be honest. We are absolutely in love with this thing. Get it on your next track. You don’t know you need it, but you do.

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